Geopathic Stress Removal – How can Geomancer Help?

We are a specialist dowser for Geopathic Stress and the team as a whole are able to receive psychic information regarding the presence of it and its location.

We can:

* Identify the presence of Geopathic Stress
* Identify the probable cause of the problem
* Find the location of the problem
* Give advice on improving the frequency in your property
* In many cases we can cure the situation psychically, e.g. by diverting polluted Ley Lines
* Check to ensure the cure is working

You would also have the peace of mind of knowing that the cure has been recommended by experienced practitioners.

Once the cures have been activated you will begin the road to optimum health and peace of mind.

Additional Benefits of a Geomancer’s Visit: When treating Geopathic Stress we can also open up blocked subtle energy vortices on the property. This has the effect of revitalising the health and personal energy of you and the other inhabitants. It also markedly improves the feel-good factor.

To know the effect of Geopathic at your house, office, factory, and other premises. Share us your details as follows:

1) The hand sketch of your house or office clearly marking the location of various places inside the house such as main entrance, drawing room, kitchen, bedrooms , master bedroom, pooja / prayer room, director's cabin, machineries, stock room etc., as the case may be, neatly drawn as big as possible in a A4 size white paper. 

2) Write down your name and full address of the house/office including contact nos. in any available space in the same page.

3) Mention the directions.

4) Also mention your age next to your name.

P.S. : Bigger the drawing in the A4 paper, more accurate will be the readings. It need not necessarily be an engineering drawing.

“Match Your Vibrations Not Only Horoscope”

Marriages are made in heaven, but are you sure you are getting the right person made for you on earth?
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If partners’ vibration matches, the couple will remain happily married throughout their lives with healthy children & wealthy lifestyle.

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