More Symptoms

More Symptoms
First of all GS will reduce your ability to create new life. It is estimated that over 90% of women who cannot conceive, they or their partners are sleeping in a GS place and in over 50% of cases it is the main cause of being infertile (except in cases of STDs). If you are then sleeping in a GS place during pregnancy it can be a major contributory factor in miscarrage or an unhealthy new-born baby.

Babies will sleep very badly in GS places. Many confirm, including University Medical research Teams. that over 90% of babies, who died of Cot Death, had been sleeping in GS places.

Children do not thrive in GS, and are often hyperactive and allergic inc. asthma and eczema.
Kathe Bachler, the famous researcher, surveyed over 3000 school children and showed 95% of children with learning difficulties, hyperactive tendencies or continuous bad behavior, either slept or had their school desks (or both) in strong GS places. When she moved the children into stress free places, they nearly all showed a marked improvement often going from bottom to top of their class in one term.About 80% of parents or guardians who abuse their children badly are GS.GS during childhood can make you particularly sensitive to GS for the rest of your life.

Post-Viral Fatigue
Geopathic Stress is nearly always present if you suffer from M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyeltis). It usually starts off with you getting a virus such a glandular fever, an emotional shock or accident. A well-known practitioner has treated many sufferers of M.E. and claims a very high success rate. He has found all M.E. patients are Geopathic Stressed and maintains this must be addressed before any progress can be made with M.E. as well as other illnesses. The GS attacks the immune system and the spleen and thyroid are nearly always found weak.

The symptoms of M.E. include:
Sever muscle pain and fatigue, exhaustion following even the smallest exertion, be it physical or mental.

Headaches, dizziness, inability to concentrate, over-sensitivity to temperature change. Irritability, lack of patience, complete and utter wretchedness, to name but a few.

Most M.E. sufferers are usually intelligent and sensitive.

Back Pain
Back Pain is very often due to Geopathic Stress.
P.M.S Many women do not realise their monthly periods are more troublesome than they need be, because they are GS.
Cars and industrial vehicles parked overnight in a GS place can lead to drowsiness aggressive driving, backaches and car sickness for the occupant.
A combination of you being GS and your car having been parked in a GS place can cause road rage, which had been shown in USA to be responsible for a large percentage of road accidents.

Sick Building Syndrome
Mainly stressful jobs are mainly caused by stressful workplaces.
For a long time the problem of S.B.S. has puzzled scientists and worried managers all over the world, but at long last you can do something positive about it by ensuring staff sit and work in Geopathic Stressfree places. This will save thousands of pounds in reduced absenteeism and gain efficiency at the same time.
The World Health Organisation has recognised S.B.S. for over 10 years and they estimate 30% of offices, hotels, institutions and industrial premises have S.B.S. causing:
Headaches, tension between staff, lethargy, respiratory infection, dry skin and throat, eye symptoms, loss of concentration, depression, stress and fatigue. Ultimately this can cause a high rate of absenteeism, increase staff turnover, lowers morale and wastes industries most important assets – people.

Homes that are geopathically stressed are unhealthy places to live in.. The atmosphere in office buildings that are geopathically stressed, are now referred to as, “Sick Buildings”. This is where an extremely high rate of illness is recorded among the work force compared to the national average. In terms of private dwellings, the atmosphere in the house may lead to a breakdown of the health of the occupants, or it may even lead to a breakdown in communications, a build up of friction in relationships, and in some cases to separation of couples.