Geomancer for Business

* Have your staff or customers ever complained of a bad atmosphere on your premises?
* Do your staff suffer from unexplained de-motivation, absenteeism or lack of vitality?
* Do you have a high turnover of staff?
* Have your staff reported seeing ghosts or any other strange phenomena?
* Do you feel your company has stalled or is under performing?
* Are your key executives uninspired during brain storming sessions?
* Do you find that some of your merchandise is not selling?
* Would you like to attract more customers?
* Are you experiencing recurring electrical, plumbing or computer problems?
* Do unusual accidents keep occurring?
* Do you have a Sick Property ?

If as a business you are experiencing any of these symptoms then let Geomancer come and diagnose your problems and help to rectify them.

Geomancer can:

* Improve the well being of your staff and increase their productivity.
* Reduce staff turnover and sick leave.
* Increase the opportunities for finding potential investors.
* Help your business to grow.
* Attract more clients.
* Rectify the causes of Sick Building Syndrome.
* Improve the general atmosphere and energy on your premises by providing
o Geopathic Stress Removal and Earth Healing
o Energetic Space Clearing

* Construction Sites
+ Are you experiencing delays in reaching your targets?
+ Are you having communication problems with your subcontractors?
+ Does your plant machinery keep malfunctioning?
+ Has your construction work disturbed human or animal remains, as this can often cause disruption towards meeting your targets?
+ Do you have recurring electrical, water or drainage problems?
+ Do you require Geopathic Stress Removal or Earth Healing?
+ Does your site require Energetic Space Clearing?
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then let Geomancer come and diagnose your problems and help to rectify them.

Geomancer can:
+ Improve co-operation between all relevant parties.
+ Enhance your workers’ productivity.
+ Reduce the number of delays that you experience.
+ Increase the probability of your property being completed on schedule.
+ Minimise the risk of electrical failure and water damage.
+ Reduce the frequency of accidents and machinery malfunction.
+ Help you to avoid the causes of Sick Building Syndrome.

Selling/Renting Properties
Are you having difficulty getting the price you require for your home or business premises?

*     Does your property fail to attract interested viewers?
*     Do you attract viewers but receive no serious offers?
*     Have you experienced the disappointment of a buyer or potential tenant pulling out at the last minute?
*    Are you in a stuck property chain?

If so, some of the causes may be

* Sick Building Syndrome
* Geopathic Stress
* Energetic imbalances in the earth
* Electro-magnetic Pollution

Geomancer are here to help.

* Optimise the selling price or rental.
* Help you to attract the right buyer or tenant.
* Smooth the way to completion.
* Provide the removal of Geopathic Stress
* Provide Earth Healing.
* Recommend solutions for electro-magnetic pollution.
* Perform Energetic Space Clearing to help you attract interested buyers.
* Design a special ritual or ceremony to help you sell or rent your property.